Hidden Pines Hunting Retriever Association

"Conceived by Hunters for Hunters"


United Kennel Club: http://www.ukcdogs.com                                                                     National registry for the Hunting Retriever Club

Hunting Retriever Club: http://www.hrc-ukc.com                                                               The parent organization of Hidden Pines HRA

American Kennel Club: http://akc.org                                                                                 National registry for the American Kennel Club

Bird Dog Challenge: http://nbdca.com                                                                                 National registry for the Bird Dog Challenge events

Dogs Afield: http://www.dogsafield.com                                                                                 Training supplies for the retriever/gundog owner

Gun Dog Supply: http://www.gundogsupply.com                                                           Training supplies for the retriever/gundog owner

Hunt Secretary: http://www.huntsecretary.com                                                                  Online signup for HRC events

Entry Express: http://www.entryexpress.net                                                                        Online signup for AKC hunt tests & field trials and some HRC events

Members Websites

Fred & Christie Lysinger: www.medicinebeaukennels.homestead.com

Kevin & Barbara Eskam: www.kbkennelspoitinglabs.com

Nate Whalen: www.crowcreekkennels.com